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Curious about the buzz around ChatGPT and AI's role in research? Eager to harness generative AI's power in a responsible manner that builds on your existing research skills? Attend our hands-on workshop designed to introduce you to the world of genAI, while equipping you with the vital know-how to seamlessly integrate generative AI into your current research toolkit.

  • Explore the benefits and limitations of generative AI
  • Create original content using generative AI tools and provide examples of how these tools can enhance the research process
  • Describe methods for verifying the accuracy and credibility of generative AI outputs
  • Evaluate the ethical, legal, and environmental considerations related to using generative AI in research and discuss strategies for maintaining academic integrity
  • Define transparency in the context of generative AI and its importance in research and decision-making
Tuesday, October 17, 2023
12:00pm - 1:00pm
  Graduate Students     Undergraduate Students  
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