Endnote: Advanced

This hands-on session focuses on advanced features of Endnote - a citation management tool - and assumes attendees are already familiar with the basic functions of Endnote. This session covers working with PDFs (watched folders, annotations); working with references (reference updates, global editing, using smart groups); working with journal term lists; managing figures; syncing your desktop library with your online account and sharing your library; and working with output styles (making minor modifications, installing new styles).

By the end of this session participants will be able to:

- Use Endnote to annotate, edit, and search for PDF notes
- Create a travelling library of references to allow for multiple authors to edit and add references to the same shared document
- Install, and edit 1000s of different output styles
- Describe how to use Endnote's ManuscriptMatcher to identify potential journals to publish in

Thursday, November 7, 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm
NJMHS Library - Rm. 232 - Dr. R.T. Ross Computer Lab
  Health Sciences     Researcher Workshop Series  
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